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Our Services

At Lighting Innovation and Design we are happy to simply provide you with a product. However, we are much happier to help you in designing a place for that product to fit, and furthermore, to suggest someone who can install it for you.

Design, Consult and Advise

Whether you are embarking on a new home or large renovation, or looking to make a few upgrades we can help. During the design phase we are pleased to look at blueprints, drawings or even a rough sketch on a napkin. If it helps us understand what you are trying to achieve with your lighting design, then we will be in a much better position to suggest a product. Additionally, if you need an on-site opinion we are also happy to come out and have a look. Sometimes the best way to understand the situation to is to view it firsthand. At the end of the day our aim is to specify the proper product for your application.


We are in constant search of new, cutting edge generations of products that can provide our clients with a solution for their lighting needs. This includes testing product samples in various situations to assess performance and proper installation. We are pleased to loan samples to our customers so they can assess a fixture's ability to satisfy their requirements. If a client needs an order dropped off we can arrange on site delivery or at the very least a reasonable shipping rate. Lighting Innovation is happy to customize a product to your needs; whether it be colour, brightness or finish. Our most important goal is to provide the proper product.


Our LED expertise began with our own installation of LED fixtures on our own houses in 2006. Since then we've maintained a very hands-on approach to the installation of LED fixtures. We are proud to provide in house installation of low voltage LED fixtures such as landscape lighting, soffit lighting and cabinet lighting should you require it. Besides low voltage installation, LiD has developed a large network of experienced, competent electricians we are pleased to recommend to you and coordinate installation with. Each of our electrical contractor associates have extensive LED experience and the skills to install them.

Rebates and Savings Programs

Lighting Innovation is proud to be participating in the 'Save on Energy' coupon program for retail customers. In addition to the retail program, LiD is actively working with businesses to retrofit existing commercial properties, enabling them to apply for rebates through the 'Save on Energy' retrofit program.

LID INC. | About Us

LID Inc. supplies state-of-the-art LED lighting products for residential and commercial applications. We proudly provide service to the Southern Ontario region.

LiD offers on-site design and installation services. Our team is here to help you assess your lighting needs, develop a scope of work, and coordinate installation. Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive information and the tools required to make informed choices regarding their lighting solutions.