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Superbright 5050 RGB"W" Flexible Strip Light

Manufacturer: Lighting Innovation and Design

Color Temperature Options:



Strip Sleeve Options:

  • Non-Waterproof - IP20
  •  Water-Resistant - IP65
  •  Waterproof - IP68


 Quick Facts:           

  • Easy installation with 3M double sided tape on strip
  • External transformer and RGB controller
  • Exceptional for use in entertainment applications
  • Wide beam angle



  • Width: 1/2" - 14mm
  • Depth: 3/8" - 9.5mm

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Technical Specifications

Input Voltage (V)

90-264 Volts

Operating Voltage (V)

12V/24V DC

LED Type

LED Quantity 60/Meter

Power Consumption (W)

4.4 Watts/Ft - 14.4 Watts/M

Lumen Output (lm)

Varies by Colour

Operating Lifetime (hrs)

50,000 Hours

Beam Angle (°)


CCT (k)




Product Certification

  • Superbright 5050 RGBW strip lights are versatile, surface mounted lights that provide the ability to program multiple colour changing functions into the performance of the strip light
  • Includes option to change from colour changing mode to warm or cool white
  • Alternating RGB and warm or cool white diodes
  • Low profile (3/8") makes for easy installation with little view of the light source
  • Custom cut to specified lengths with wire leads or waterproof connectors


Product Details

  • Available in non-waterproof, water-resistant and waterproof sleeves

  • Available in standard RGB Colours - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Aqua, White in addition to warm white or cool white

  • Fully dimmable with RGB controller - remote or wall mounted

  • 120 degree beam angle


Where You Can Put it

  • Under cabinets - typically in the middle of the upper cabinet with or without aluminium channel
  •  Above cabinets - as an accent light above cabinets, washing the wall above cabinets
  • Cove lighting - as an accent light above crown moulding, trim pieces and light trays
  •  Washing walls - indoor or outdoor shining up or down shorter walls under 5 feet high
  •  Signage - back lighting signs, channel lettering, pylon signs
  •  Entertainment - bars, backsplashes, awnings, liquor racks, glass


Available Accessories

  • Angled Alumium Channel - 19mm x 19mm x 27mm - Diffuser Optional
  • Flat Aluminium Channel - 16mm x 12mm - Diffuser Optional
  • Waterproof Connector - RGB
  • Wall Mounted RGB Controller - Recessed controller with touch sensitive colour wheel and dimmer
  • Remote RGB Controller - Remote control with touch sensitive colour and wheen and dimmer