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About Us

Lighting Innovation + Design Inc. has been providing clients with cutting-edge LED lighting technology since 2006. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, LiD opened our first LED Lighting Showroom and Retail Store in December 2010. We subsequently opened our second LED Showroom in Mississauga, Ontario in December 2013. Each showroom is welcome to both retail and wholesale customers looking to discuss lighting plans, products and concepts.

Who We Are

LiD is a family owned and operated company with each member attempting to do what they can to help customers solve an age old dilemma; how should one illuminate their house? And furthermore, what should they use to do it? Clients are not just a number or file, but usually someone we are immediately on a first name basis with and pleased to work closely with.

Our LED Story

LiD began in a garage in 2006 with a single LED fixture strictly limited for use in outdoor landscape and soffit lighting. Each year since, LED technology has evolved to become suitable for an increasing number of applications. So too has our ability to understand what those applications are and which products are suitable for them. LiD has been involved in a significant number of installations; well into the hundreds if not the thousands. Our main expertise lies in the on-site design and installation of LED fixtures. We now have the ability to select hundreds of different products to specify to our clients and the knowledge of which product works for which situation.

Why We're Different

Lighting Innovation is different from other lighting suppliers in that we're not looking to turn our products over and kick the client out the door. We look to learn more about the project and offer helpful hints and suggestions that we feel will make the process go more smoothly. We're happy to attend the client's site to help resolve installation questions. If there's a problem we won't tell you something is discontinued and there is nothing we can do. Instead, we'll find a suitable replacement and keep trying until we find the right fit. Service is important; if we need to meet you after hours we are more than happy to do so.

Where We Get Our Products

We identify our products from a variety of different sources, countries and companies. If we feel a supplier allows us to offer a new, improved or superior product we are more than happy to add their products to our lineup. Much of the time we take the opportunity to have products made on spec if we feel it satisfies our customer's needs better than a standard product.

LID INC. | About Us

LID Inc. supplies state-of-the-art LED lighting products for residential and commercial applications. We proudly provide service to the Southern Ontario region.

LiD offers on-site design and installation services. Our team is here to help you assess your lighting needs, develop a scope of work, and coordinate installation. Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive information and the tools required to make informed choices regarding their lighting solutions.