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Manufacturer: Square Walnut

Finish Options:

  •  Polycarbonate


Color Temperature Options:

  •  RGB LEDs


 Quick Facts:         

  • Remote control included
  • 7 Watt Built-in LED 



  • Width: 3"
  • Height: 3"

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Illumination and Imagination

The Crystal Light, an LED lighting fixture, amazes consumers with its fascinating color-changing feature. It's composed of various "crystals"--shimmering with silver, sparkling like diamonds, glittering with illuminating reflection. Consumers can assemble these "crystals", each of which is connected by a magnet, into any form they desire. The interactive feature is made possible by LED's low-temperature characteristics.

Consumers can change the light mode with a remote control to create different lighting effects to fit their moods and environments. The Crystal Light not only provides consumers with illumination, but also stimulates their imagination.